Jewels and women are inseparable. You hardly find a woman in this world who does not like wearing jewelry. A woman wearing jewels is a sight even gods like. For a woman, everything is secondary compared to jewelry. Designers shape it thinking of women and we rarely find jewelry for men. Every item of jewelry, be it rings, bracelets, necklaces or chain bangles, are made for the weaker gender.

Quartz Jewelry Is the Fashion Trend Today 


Jewelry can be of various types, shapes and designs. Gold is usually the base. Precious stones as diamonds, pearls, rubies and similar ones adorn many golden pieces of jewelry. There is a recent trend among women to choose jewelry with stones rather than plain one. Many women’s favourite stone is pink or other quartz. 

Rose quartz symbolizes heart and unconditional love. It radiates female energy filled with compassion, peace and tenderness. Rose is a soothing colour inspiring the love of beauty. Rose quartz has been known since ancient times, its discovery dating as long ago as 600 B.C. It was used by Egyptian kings and many masks with rose quartz have been unearthed in Egyptian thombs. IT is also very cherished in Tibetan and Oriental culture. 

Chemically, rose quartz is silicon dioxide, as are other quartz crystals. It can be found in abundance around the world in cores of granite. It is identified by distinct colour which can range from pale to deep reddish pink due to titanium, iron and manganese it contains. When cut and polished, its colours are exposed for the world to see and admire. Rose Quartz is said to have therapeutic quallities and help adults and children sleep. It is said to have a calming effect and spiritual qualities so it is used in chakra healing, trauma therapy and emotional healing as well. Furthermore, it is used to soothe burns and reduce blistering by beind rubbed lightly against the affected area. It has been proven to stimulate proper functioning of heart and circulatory system.